Santa For A Day is just that: a means for people who “have” to become Santa for kids who have not. There are needy children writing letters to Santa this season, whose wishes will go unanswered – Unless you step in… And here’s how: Santa for a Day is collecting letters from nearly 2000 underprivileged kids living in Kansas City. Here, on Santa For a Day, you can make their dreams come true on Christmas morning – browse letters, select gifts, or simply let Santa decide – but most important is the joy you can bring, where it otherwise might not happen. We’re a non-profit, so your generosity goes straight to the children.

Santa for a Day is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity, so your generosity goes straight to the children.



Santa for a Day fulfills letters to Santa from disadvantaged kids. Teaching youngsters the power of the pen… and then rewarding their efforts, by translating their wishes into reality, helping them author a different, more positive narrative about life, one sparked by optimism and the vision of a brighter future

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Santa for a Day is a certified 501 (c) (3) Public Charity and we answer letters to Santa from disadvantaged kids. Founded in 2018, we partnered with the The Housing Authority of Kansas City (HAKC) and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (B&GCGKC) had a very successful test. In 2019, we grew that model adding Milwaukee and Detroit. In 2020 we reached strategic partnerships with the Housing Authorities of Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia. We are thrilled to welcome the Housing Authority of Kansas City on board for this coming holiday season! Strengthened by generous donations and community involvement, SFAD remains focused on growth. Our mission has never been more important and with your help, we hope to expand our reach to a total of 10 cities by 2022.

Programs such as Santa for a Day have the unique power to dramatically transform the arc of a young child’s personality as well as to transform the trajectory of his or her future… Whether they believe in Santa or not, God-bless all who support this wonderful and life-changing endeavor!”

– US Congressman Danny Davis (IL)


  1. Kids write a letter addressed to Santa.
  2. The Housing Authority of Kansas City (HAKC) and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (B&GCGKC) collects all letters.
  3. SFAD receives redacted letters with wish lists.
  4. SFAD matches the child’s gift request to available online items.
  5. Donors can read redacted letters, select gift and pay with credit card.
  6. Order is encrypted then transmitted to online retailer.
  7. Retailers ship gifts to SFAD, we wrap each gift individually and deliver to housing authorities.
  8. Each Child receives their gifts at a holiday party hosted by the The Housing Authority of Kansas City (HAKC) and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (B&GCGKC).


Volunteers make our work a success. We hope you will consider the many ways to give of your time: Letter writing events: assist younger children in writing their letters to Santa. Identifying gifts: Johnny wants a red fire truck, but which red fire truck is it? Gift-wrapping: Packages arrive at SFAD HQ and need to be quickly wrapped and shipped. Fundraising Events: With a return to normalcy, there will be many opportunities to support. Please check back here in September to get involved in 2021 holiday campaign.



Take the tax-wise approach and donate stock or mutual funds. Download Stock Donation Instructions.


Our organization welcomes in-kind gifts including computers, supplies, and your expertise. Please email  if you would like to contribute products or services to Santa for a Day.


Consider including the Santa for a Day in your planned giving and join the Santa for a Day Legacy Fund.


Buying a new car? Getting rid of an old one? You can easily donate your vehicle and you will get a minimum of $500 tax deduction AND Santa for a Day receives proceeds to support our work!


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